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"Angels of Bastogne is an exceptionally comprehensive telling of the conditions faced by a team of medical personnel in WWII.  Although it deals with one battlefront over the course of only several days, it is an emotionally riveting account.  The juxta positioning of the timing in the story, wartime in the 1940s and fifty years after the battle at a reunion of the combatants, makes one realize that wartime experiences don’t end with an armistice.  The raw passions of the soldiers of all ranks permeates their relationships among themselves and with the citizens of the beleaguered towns and villages where the battles take place.  Given the current state of affairs in Europe in 2022, this book is a truthful reminder of how history is repeated, despite the pain and sorrow it triggers.  It left me both crying and shuddering."

Phil Fretz

Author of Softball, Snakes, Sausage Flies and Rice: Peace Corps Experience in 1960's Sierra Leone

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